"Dark Overlord"




Over the course of twenty or so years, Jaymz has amassed a portfolio of somewhere around 400 tracks, both as a songwriter/composer in his own right as well as producing, mixing, and remixing on contract with other artists for a variety of record labels.

Wildly varying in style and always looking to explore, you can find a Dee Kaph credit on songs in indie rock, industrial, pop, folk, trance, trip-hop, hop hop, ambient, classical, house, rock and roll.

So far.

Jaymz gets most excited about working in crossover genres - poppy electronic indie folk rock, for example.



In His Own Words:

I love music. Both as a listener and as a song writer/composer/instrumentalist/producer... etc, whatever. All of it. Anything to do with it.

I love the smell of an instrument case. I love the way light sparkles off guitar strings on a spring afternoon. I love it when the bass is so loud it makes your eyeballs shake. Hell, I even love untangling a rats nest of patch cables and figuring out a routing problem.

I love sitting down at the console with a blank project in front of me and getting excited about what might become.

I love it when someone sends me a track to mix and I get to get my hands in it and contribute to its beautiful outcome.

I love it when you're just noodling on an instrument and happen to totally nail it by accident without even knowing what it was at the time but now you can't imagine it any other way.

I love it when an idea starts to take form and it just sounds so goddamn good coming out of the monitors. The way all the next parts just bubble up in the creative shitstorm and manifests into something new and unique, like you're frantically piloting a vehicle with no idea where the hell it is going but you can't slow down.

I've often compared the musical process to childbirth, and as the father of four I'm probably more qualified to say so than most. It begins as a seed, and it grows and grows until it just bursts out of you, whether you're ready or not, and it can be a messy business; but if you do the right things at the right times it survives, weird or amazing as it might be. And if you nurture it to give it the best shot at success, you might end up with something to be proud of after all... your mark on the world.

And if it ends up being terrible, you can just delete the project - not so with children. So there's that.

The whole process is absolutely magic.

No genre boundaries. Good music is good music, whether it's ambient or rap or bluegrass or punk or trance or metal.

Although I've had my share of time on stage, my real passion is working behind the scenes, in the studio - fleshing out ideas, tracking, producing, mixing. The wizard behind the curtain.

So, here's my pitch: I live for this shit. In the past couple of decades I've cultivated a fair deal of experience working in just about every conceivable genre. Nothing is beyond the realm of possibility in my mind and I'm always looking to find a way to take something that could be ordinary and make it into something extraordinary.

I've always felt like I was only as good as my last project so as far as I'm concerned, everything I load up in my studio is a personal challenge to make great ... because every project I open and put my hand to becomes one of my projects. It's personal. And, my time is valuable to me and I don't want waste my time on things I can't contribute to becoming awesome - and finally, I don't take projects just for the money for these reasons.

Have a poke around here and then when you're ready, give me a shout and let's talk about taking your idea and turning it into product that's ready to be shared with the world. If it's something I think I could help with, we can work out something that's fair.