Shadybrook is a professional recording, mixing and production studio capable of catering to a wide variety of commercial recording needs, everything from  voiceover and sync work to independent singer songwriters to large live bands. Every project is different and if you are considering a bigger project (EP, album) then please contact Jaymz to discuss and come up with a fair project rate.

Everyone needs to make a living and Shadybrook represents an enormous investment in both equipment and experience. If you are looking for "pro-bono" work, we're sorry to say that we decline that in advance - you can't pay for microphones, mixing hardware, electric bills or plugin subscriptions with "exposure".

Base Rate

If you just need something professionally recorded with good equipment by someone who knows how to use it, then it's $100/hour.


Production will include mixing and radio ready master, and is always on a case-by-case basis as what needs to be done can vary so wildly.

How much you have done is what makes it so murky. Are you recording it at home and want me to produce it here? What if I need a re-take or something new? Producers are usually at least involved in (if not present for) the recording process.

But, since you're here you're curious so let's just say, if you're looking for ballpark numbers, a four piece band (that is properly rehearsed) playing out their 3 minute song song can generally be done for around $500/song.

If you'd like it to really get produced and mixed into a radio ready release, expect somewhere in the neighborhood of $800/song.

These numbers are all reflective of the amount of time involved in these undertakings, in addition to the amount of specialized (and expensive) equipment involved.


If you've already got a good quality recording and have it (at least mostly) produced, I can really make it sparkle. Rates will vary based upon the level of completion and how much work needs to be done to bring out the shine but generally speaking it would be in the neighborhood of $300/song. Send me a copy of what you've got (private soundcloud link is the best method) and I'll let you know if that's going to work.

  • Note: the quality of the output will greatly depend on the quality of your original recording. Although we have the tools and experience to "clean up" sub-par recordings, ultimately, if the song was recorded with a $20 mic in a basement then there's only so much we can do. The term "polishing a turd" comes to mind, and it has nothing to do with the value of your song, it's just the simple physics of how it was recorded. The rule of thumb we go by is "if you feel you have to offer excuses for it, then it's not good enough" and we would always recommend re-recording your song in our (or any professional) studio using top-shelf equipment for a truly next-level product.
  • For the best result, I generally ask for at least a week for turn-around time. This is because I don't like just "hammering out" a mix. It is a process. I'll work on it for a couple hours and then put it away for a day or two, listen to it in the car, put it on my ipod when I go to the gym so it just pops up in the mix. This "leaving it and coming back to it" is truly necessary for the best results - ear fatigue, a headache, distractions from life, even blood sugar levels can all affect how our ears work and mix engineers are constantly revisiting and re-evaluating their mix decisions. After a few trips back, it gets balanced and you get a more polished and less "rushed" product in return.

Shadybrook, by Sudohuman Collective - Studio Policies, Terms & Conditions

Click here to download as a PDF. Print out this document, fill out and sign bottom, and bring to your first recording session.

Shadybrook is a professional audio recording facility. Quality work and customer satisfaction are our top priorities. The following industry standard professional policies ensure that all sessions are conducted in the most professional manner while providing our clients with a comfortable and creative environment.


A 50% deposit 14 days in advance of your session will guarantee the time slot you request. Without a deposit, requested time slots may not be held.

    Sessions are booked at the rates published by the studio (subject to change) unless other rates have been negotiated.
  • There is a 1 hour minimum.
  • Sessions that run longer than the original scheduled time will be billed at the published rate unless otherwise discussed.
  • Lockout sessions are based on 12-hour days.
  • Additional time will be charged at our standard hourly rate.


Cancellations after 48 hours forfeit the deposit unless we can re-book your time in a reasonable manner.


It is recommended that new clients visit the studio and any of the property they intend to utilize prior to their first session. There is no charge for this. During this time we can discuss the scope of your project and parameters of your upcoming session in order to help planning and ensure a smooth workday.


The session clock begins at the scheduled time that both parties agree upon. If you arrive early and the studio can accommodate an early start, then the session clock will begin at that time. If you are late for any reason, you will be charged from the scheduled session start time.

So please call if you are going to be late!

Set up time will be billed at regular studio rates unless other arrangements are agreed to. This includes load-in and instrument setup, microphone placement, levels, media transfer, etc.


Unforeseen problems can happen; in the event of session downtime at the fault of the studio equipment, that time will not be billed. The studio's liability shall be limited strictly to the studio time of the booked session and clients agree to hold Sudohuman Collective harmless from any damages, perceived or real, from such downtime.


The Client is responsible for all monies due to the studio and shall make payment to the studio with cash, Interac E-Transfer, PayPal, or previously approved check made payable to Sudohuman Collective.

No media will be released to the client until payment has been made in full.

Clients may be assessed a $25.00 service fee if Client’s account is not paid in full by the completion of each session. Clients shall also be responsible for all legal, attorney and collection fees, if required for collection of arrears. If an account is not paid in full, immediate collection and legal action may be taken. Clients will also accrue a 1.5% interest charge per month until payment in full is received.

Receipt of recording media from Studio to Client is acknowledgement between both parties that the quality of all services rendered by Sudohuman Collective is satisfactory to Client and shall release Sudohuman Collective from any and all liability regarding said recording media and services rendered.


Session media will only be released when full payment for the session is received. Once session media has been released to the client Sudohuman Collective shall no longer be expected to maintain a backup copy of the session unless other arrangements have been made in writing.

We recommend that each client make a back-up copy of the sessions immediately.

Session materials left beyond 30 days due to nonpayment become the intellectual property of Sudohuman Collective.

Sudohuman Collective is not responsible for any unrecoverable data.


Sudohuman Collective is not responsible for abandoned, lost, damaged, or stolen equipment. Any property left past 30 days will become the property of Sudohuman Collective unless other arrangements are been made.


In the event of damage to the equipment owned by Sudohuman Collective or the property on which the Shadybrook studio resides by the Client or anyone in Client's party, due to negligence, accident, or willful act, Client agrees to provide monetary compensation in the amount of full repair or replacement value of the damage.



  • No smoking in studio. Smoking is permitted outside and all butts must be disposed of in the provided receptacle.
  • Food and drink is encouraged to be consumed outside of the control room. Although it may be brought in with permission, it must be kept away from the equipment.
  • No firearms are allowed on the premises.
  • It is strongly recommended that only individuals essential to the recording be present during the booked time.
  • Illegal drugs are strictly prohibited and we reserve the right to refuse service or cancel a session if a client appears to be under the influence.
  • No aggressive or disrespectful behavior will be tolerated.


The person who books the studio time ("Client") shall be the sole person responsible for paying for booked time, must sign this agreement, and will be held responsible for the costs and actions of all artists and guests he or she brings to any session.

The Client affirms that they are the rightful owner or assignee of material to be recorded or reproduced. Sudohuman Collective and our employees, associates and colleagues are not responsible for copyright violations, talent or creative royalties, mechanical reproduction licenses, or any other liabilities for such material.

Client also agrees to indemnify Sudohuman Collective and its employees for any and all claims, costs, losses, detriments and expenses of any kind or nature. Including, without limitation, attorney’s fees and cost incurred by Sudohuman Collective by reason of any breach or alleged breach of any representation, warranty, or agreement made by client.


Prior to any session work beginning, the client agrees to furnish a written signed copy of the above Studio Policies as a formal agreement and obligation to make payments and adhere to all other policy requirements as stated herein.



I have fully read and agree to all of the above terms.
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