We've got the hardware to professionally accommodate almost any recording project, whether voiceover, singer/songwriter, or a ten piece band.


The unique properties of the live control room make for an outstanding recording environment that is simply not found in other commercial recording studios.


The value that a couple decades of experience recording and producing music in a broad range of genres is not something that should be underestimated.


Your Project Comes Alive Here

Shadybrook is a boutique studio offering a unique recording experience. Like a wedding: something old, something new.

The Bohemian decor creates an atmosphere that is easy going and fun to hang out and create music in, while the technology underpinning the whole affair is top shelf and rock solid, capable of producing as high a quality of output as anywhere in the world.

Acoustically Unique

Many commercial studios spend a lot of money and energy on soundproofing their recording space and then acoustically treating the hard flat surfaces that are predominant in western architecture. This is a matter of "fixing" aspects of listening rooms that generate poor acoustic representation, reckless reflections that interfere with the intended waves which lead to bad recordings and then poor mixing decisions.

Thanks in part to the original log construction of the building (inside and out), Shadybrook is acoustically unique, with dense sound proofing and diffusion built all down the length of the studio by actual logs that were once trees from the very property.



Heart of the Beast

At the nerve center of all the cables is a custom-built server named Confluence.

The only people who care about specific equipment and software are other engineers so we'll sum it up by saying that we have the capacity to record up to 12 tracks live simultaneously at 24bit/192khz with virtually unlimited sequencer overdub tracks and every imaginable effect/tool.

Live Stage / Rehearsal

Since bands are typically recorded into the sequencer one at a time, those who are waiting their turn to lay down their track need a space to hang out and warm up.

The Stage, which is a 10'x14' permanent installation, is the centerpiece of our annual backyard concerts as well as being a nice, relaxing spot for artists to congregate and relax at, play some bocce, stretch out in the shade and listen to the birds or jam in preparation for their call.


Remote Capabilities

For remote clients obtaining our services to record a distant talent, we have the capability to video conference remote producers/directors via Skype, FaceTime or Facebook Video Call:

  • A channel from the remote producer's line is fed into the board so the engineer and talent are able to take direction in their headphones.
  • A monitor channel is sent from the board directly to the remote producer so they can hear exactly what is in the mix during recording and playback.

We've done this before with great success and are happy to offer this service at no additional charge.