Shadybrook is a boutique studio offering a unique recording experience. Like a wedding: something old, something new.

The Bohemian decor creates an atmosphere that is relaxed and fun to hang out and get creative in, while the technology underpinning the whole affair is world class and state of the art.


We've got a respectable collection of hardware from Presonus, Avid, Neumann, Shure, Audio Technica, Behrdynamic, Arturia, TC Helicon, and others, capable of recording up to 32 tracks simultaneously.


The properties of the live control room make for a unique recording environment that is simply one of a kind - "lively" without being "bright", the sounds captured here stand out - and it's a fantastic mixing environment to boot.


The value that a couple decades of experience recording and producing music in a broad range of genres is not something that should be underestimated.

Hybrid Console SL32

Digital mixers have finally brought together the hands-on control of recording and mixing with physical knobs and sliders with the adaptability of high bandwidth audio interfaces.

No more of this "in the box/out of the box" nonsense. Mixing is now done both in and out of the box at the same time, with quick tactile control of the digital data without ever degrading the signal chain.

And, it gives us up to 32 discrete simultaneous input channels with motorized faders, flexible on-and-outboard routing capabilities and full DAW integration with Studio One, streamlining the entire workflow.


building the beast

Heart of the Beast

The nerve center handling all this creative power is a purpose-designed and custom-built server.

  • 9th gen Intel i9-9900k with 8 overclocked 4GHz cores (16 threads)
  • A compliment of 64GB of DDR4 RAM running at 3200MHz
  • 10TB of 7200RPM SATAIII project storage
  • OS/DAW/plugins are all stored on two separate 1TB m.2 NAND drives
  • Project scratch drive is an Intel 256GB SSD
  • Radeon RX570 supporting 3x 1080p and 1x4K displays

It's a beast. Absolute unit.

There are nine 140mm fans packed into the the Phanteks tower to keep it cool at low RPM (and therefor low noise).


Software & Plugins

We've owned numerous digital audio workstation (DAW) platforms over the years including Pro Tools, Sonar, Cakewalk, and Reason before settling on Presonus Studio One as the most capable and flexible solution for our studio environment.

Shadybrook has a massive collection of legitimate and legally purchased DSP processing and VST plugins from East West, Waves, Softube, Arturia, UAD, Presonus, Propellerhead, Native Instruments, and many other industry standards as well as a number of lesser known ones.

Want that SSL 4000 channel strip sound? Got it. The faithfully remodelled Abbey Road Studio mastering chain? Yep. Little pitchy? Melodyne.

A choir, orchestra, or literally just about any kind of sound or instrument you could want or imagine, multisampled and damn near indistinguishable from the real thing.

The same ones being used by the top names in the industry.

daw with plugins2


A pair of industry standard Yamaha HS8's matched with a Yorkville Elite 760W subwoofer under the desk, professionally tuned to the room act as the mains, providing unbelievably great sound at the console.

Which is all well and good if you're listening to music in here, but a mix isn't done unless you can make it sound good outside of the studio, which is why we have no less than 14 different pairs of speakers in the mixing room at any given time for testing mixes on, routed by a pair of ATON DLA6 audio routers. Everything from legendary vintage HiFi's to crappy thrift shop bookshelfs.  Cerwin-Vega, Pioneer, Technics, Hitachi, Sansui, Celestion, Audiosphere Research, JVC, Samsung.

Some studios go to great expense to "simulate" consumer speakers.

We decided to build a wall out of them instead. It's way cooler.

Acoustically Unique

Many commercial studios spend a lot of money and energy on soundproofing their recording space and then acoustically treating the hard flat surfaces that are predominant in western architecture. This is a matter of "fixing" aspects of listening rooms that generate poor acoustic representation, reckless reflections that interfere with the intended waves which lead to bad recordings and then poor mixing decisions.

Thanks in part to the original log construction of the building (inside and out), Shadybrook is acoustically unique, with dense sound proofing and diffusion built all down the length of the studio by actual logs that were once trees from the very property, and the ceiling has been treated with a wave pattern parallel cloud.



Live Stage / Rehearsal

Since bands are typically recorded into the sequencer one element at a time, those who are waiting their turn to lay down their track need a space to hang out and warm up.

The Stage, which is a 10'x14' permanent installation, is the centerpiece of our annual backyard concerts as well as being a nice, relaxing spot next to the creek for artists to congregate and chill at, play some bocce, stretch out in the shade and listen to the birds or jam in preparation for their call.

During the colder months, guest artists are welcome to avail themselves of the XBox One in the livingroom, although you might have to fist fight the teenagers for it.

When you're here, you're a part of the family.

Remote Capabilities

For remote clients obtaining our services to record a distant talent, we have the capability to video conference remote producers/directors via Skype, FaceTime or Facebook Video Call:

  • A channel from the remote producer's line is fed into the board so the engineer and talent are able to take direction in their headphones.
  • A monitor channel is sent from the board directly to the remote producer so they can hear exactly what is in the mix during recording and playback and provide direction straight into the performer's headphones.

We've done this before with great success and are happy to offer this service at no additional charge.

If you're curious about the evolution of the studio, I did a little pictorial history here